For athletes around the world, visualizing yourself playing the game, making a key play or holding a championship trophy has played a key role in in achieving that goal. One reason I love working with athletes is they get the importance of repetition. However, they don’t always get the importance of visualization. Especially at the high school and collegiate levels. While most athletes have goals they are working towards, many are having a difficult time achieving them for a couple of reasons. 1) They have never been trained to visualize or hold that picture in their head of them actually achieving that goal and 2) They are seeing the vision of them achieving it, however, they are not getting emotionally involved. Many of you may be asking, what does getting emotionally involved mean? This means not only do you have to visualize, you have to actually experience the emotions or feelings of what it would be like to achieve what you are going after. Without bringing the feeling into the mix, you are simply just pretending.

Without bringing in the power of emotion, the chances of you taking the actions to move into the direction of your goal become less likely. You simply think about doing it all day and you never get around to actually doing it. Just like training your physical body, you have to train your mind. It’s all part of my Peak Performance methodology for athletes. One can’t fire without the other!