I recently watched a Ted Talk where Angela Duckworth provided the definition of grit:

Grit is the power of passion and perseverance in order to achieve long term and meaningful goals.

Have you ever come across anyone who is gritty? It sounds like such a dirty word and in fact, it can be considered the fuel that drives any person to achieve a goal they are going after. Passion is what is going to keep you going. It’s the burning flame inside you that may get dim at times due to a setback, but it is always there. It never goes out. It’s that dream you’ve always had and are not willing to let it go of. And while the flame may get dim due to a bad day or setback, it’s the perseverance that keeps you going through the tough times. While you may have friends supporting you or read an inspirational book, it’s your ability to persevere that will keep you going.

This is a key trait for any sales person or entrepreneur. When you are getting rejected or hearing no on a consistent basis, you need the ability to persevere. I think of Steve Jobs and how he created Apple, was then forced out, only to be brought back in to save the failing company. He had such passion for the Apple and the vision he had for the products, he changed the way we communicate.

Passion and perseverance are important pieces of success. Be on the lookout for the other two components I will be sharing that can really accelerate your goal achieving mechanism.